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STD Expert Hour: Syphilis 2016

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STD Expert Hour: Syphilis 2016: Return of the Great Masquerader

with Sharon Adler, MD, MPH

We're thrilled to bring you the 2016 STD Expert Hour Webinar Series! Our STD Expert Hour is a recurring webinar series that highlights current topics in the prevention and management of STD to further advance your practice. We're thrilled to offer access to our network of STD Experts and hope you join us for valuable insights into delivering excellent sexual health care for your patients.

What to expect this Expert Hour:
Dr. Sharon Adler will introduce us to syphilis and cover the below learning objectives:
1. Describe current syphilis epidemiology within the United States.
2. Discuss screening recommendations for syphilis.
3. Describe clinical manifestations, diagnostic approach, staging and management of syphilis. 

Registration fee:  $10.00
Certificate of Completion: Free

To request information on scholarships that may be available, please contact captc@ucsf.edu.

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